What will your bot be?

The most crucial part of any bot is in the idea behind it. By now, you may have seen many different bots, all with different concepts, and all with varying degrees of success in implementation.

The key thing that you should be aware of - while making your bot - is what you want your bot to be.

This doesn't just mean what it does, but also the type of audience to whom you want to appeal, and what you would enjoy making.

Do you want a big bot that's popular with everyone? Or maybe a smaller, niche bot which is attractive to those who share a particular interest of yours. Perhaps you are only interested in making a bot as a test of your abilities, or as an exercise to improve your programming skills.

Whether you will be happy with the final result (or not) depends heavily on what you want at the beginning. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want! Often, what you want your bot to be will change as you work on it and develop it into a working bot page.

Sometimes you just need someone to come along and give you an idea out of the blue - in this case, checking out our Facebook group is a good idea. A significant portion of posts in the group are suggestions for bot pages that members would like to see be made a reality.
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